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Last Update: May 15, 2015

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Science is a working hypothesis that changes from decade to decade. A growing number of scientists have discovered that the process of preparing a homeopathic remedy alters the structure and electromagnetic frequency of the water in which it is diluted.

This article from Huffington Post discusses the furore created by Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner for his work with HIV; he has now discovered that a homeopathic super-dilution changes the nature of the water in which it is diluted.

Here is the story behind one of the most scientific studies of homeopathy. Professor Jacobs is a top researcher whose work is impeccable, and yet she dared to research homeopathy! Watch this video to see how she is treated by other so-called scientists. When individualised prescriptions are allowed, double blinded trials show the positive effect of homeopathy.
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