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Last Update: October 2018
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Holos Homeopathy
Everyone has their own way of describing their illness. The way we suffer disease is the result of many factors, including our personality, mindset and emotional experience.
During a consultation I will listen to you as you describe the way you experience your symptoms; we will explore all of the qualities that make you a unique person. Everyone has their own nature and this will be reflected in your symptoms. Your relationship with the environment around you is often very important; your medical history and history of previous treatments is important, also your family history as we trace genetic elements in the disease.
The initial consultation may need up to two hours. Review appointments are usually arranged one month after the first treatment, and usually last less than one hour.
Homeopathy attempts to help you recover healthy balance by the gentle persuasion of your natural healing processes. Constitutional treatments can bring renewed vitality to the body and mind and stimulate the self-healing process. People who have been ill for a long time may require several appointments over a period of months to bring the bodymind back to health.
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