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Classical Homeopathy
Classical homeopathic consultations and treatment in Forfar, Dundee, Angus and Aberdeen areas.
Online appointments are available for all areas.
I offer bespoke homeopathic treatments, on the principle 'treat the person not the illness'.
A homeopathic remedy can be a powerful stimulant of healing when it matches your individual suffering of the disease.
I began my career in healthcare as a nurse working in intensive care units in the 1980s and began training as a homeopath in 1989.  I have many satisfied patients and have used homeopathy almost exclusively to treat myself and my family for 25 years. I am now past retirement age and work part time; appointments are available two days per week, usually Monday and Tuesday.
A growing body of research demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathy.
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Online appointments are available by Skype or FaceTime
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